We are Bangkok based robotics tutor who offers attractive courses according to different age groups and imparts knowledge based on various difficulty levels in the field of Lego robotics in a practical scenario. Lego robotics training by us is fun, engaging and playful so that the students don’t get bored.

There is a wide range of courses available along with the supporting material that differs according to focus, and length.

Lego-based Robotics is a classification under the term Robotics which is used for the development and creation of programmable robots derived from Lego building blocks. This form deals with the controlling of the system, modular sensors, Lego parts and motors which are required for the creation of mechanical systems.

The training will enable teachers to:

· Put into practice and use LEGO® Education solutions in daily teaching

· Line up the use of the material according to standards

· Understand how LEGO Education resources facilitate students’ learning

Fun Activities: We organize various summer camps throughout the year in which your kids get the opportunity to explore more on science, mathematics, and engineering. Kids tend to learn more in a competitive environment where they share and express their ideas with their group mates. We also organize unique birthday celebrations for your kids, with the robotics-related theme. We have a large space for organizing these games and robotics activities with the use of attractive toys where your kids can feel really special and make a memorable day.

Developing Skills of Kids : We accumulate all the stuff required for learning Lego-based robotics in a fun manner. But what will these fun activities lead to your child in their future? Kids can learn the following skills by the time they learn robotics:

  1.  Increase in general and scientific knowledge: Your loved ones will get to learn various scientific concepts related to magnetism, forces, sound, distance etc.
  2. Increase the technical knowledge: It is not so surprising that your children will get to know manifold technical skills and knowledge.
  3. Build a solid establishment in engineering: Engineering is about all the things that are used to find, analyze and fix a problem which is similar to the knowledge that we deliver.
  4. Mathematics skills are boosted: As robotics might include the use of certain formulas at several steps, so it is very true to say that the overall mathematics skills will get increased.
  5. Build a “collaboration” skill: Working in groups will help your child to make him strong as a collaborative element and will let him feel the importance of a team or collaboration. This skill will help him throughout his life.
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