Junior Engineers

Junior Engineers course includes everything you need to inspire and empower elementary students to discover how the world works using simple machines.

Ignite students’ desire to learn about science and engineering concepts with a wide selection of engaging activities, including: Observing and investigating simple machines, following a design brief, and working with observing, reasoning, predicting, reflecting and critical thinking.

When students begin using the Simple Machines, they will discover basic physical science concepts such as gears, pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles. Meets national curriculum standards.

The Simple Machines 20 lessons with instructions for 16 principle models, four main models and four problem-solving models that enable students to investigate and understand the operation of simple and compound machines found in everyday life: gears, wheels and axles, levers and pulleys.


Students can observe and investigate simple machines – gears, wheels, axles, levers and pulleys – using the Simple Machines solutions.

They’ll also be tasked with following a design brief as part of the engineering process. And will investigate and work with observing, reasoning, predicting, reflecting and critical thinking.


1-3 Levels

2 Hours Each Session / 12 Sessions

12 Projects

In English Only

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Age 5+

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Age 8-16

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