Mindstorms Nxt Robotics

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Robotics Education is the Next generation in educational robotics, enabling students to discover Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Programming in a fun, engaging, hands-on way. Students can design, build, program, and test robots.

Students build and program real-life robotic solutions. Includes the programmable NXT Brick, providing on-brick programming and data logging, interactive servo motors, ultrasonic, sound, light and touch sensors.

Working together on guided and open-ended engineering projects, the team members develop creativity and problem-solving skills along with other important mathematics and science knowledge. Students also become more skilled in communication, organization and research, which helps prepare them for future success in higher levels of schooling and in the workplace.

Mindstorms NXT Robotics have been awarded the prestigious Worlddidac Award. Ignite your curious to LEARN BUILD CODE EXPLORE ROBOTICS in Bangkok from over 8 years of teaching experienced in Robotics by English Speaking teachers at Kids Robotics Learning Center in Bangkok


1 - 3 levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advance)

2 hours/session | 12 weeks (once in a week)

Students will complete 12 PROJECTS (New Project in each session)

In English only by qualified teaching staff in NXT Technology and Programming.

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Age 8-16

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