Creative Minds & Lego Story Starter

Creative Activities in Bangkok

Creative Minds & Lego Story Starter is a perfect way for preschooler to get a head-start on math and communication skills. The mosaic tiles allow children to follow and create countless patterns while learning all about shapes, colors, sequence and symmetry. It provides fun while developing basic skills in early literacy, fine motor, and language skills. Creative Mind course aims to develop a culture of creativity in the students starting at an early age, and this merges learning and discovery of letters, number and other basic concepts.

Creative Activities in Bangkok is a highly popular course among Young Children along with Lego Story Starter courses over 8 years these courses are conducted by Kids Robotics Learning Center in Bangkok

Strengthens literacy skills improving writing, language, and reading abilities.

Enhances communication skills, including speaking, listening, and presentation capabilities. Improves collaboration skills and enhances students’ ability to work in teams. Strengthens comprehension skills and enables students to compose new stories or analyze existing ones.

Integrates the use of digital tools via the unique StoryVisualizer Software.


CM1 | CM2

2 hours/session | 12 weeks /level

In English only by qualified teaching staff in WEDO Robotics and Programming.


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Age 5+

Age 5+

Age 5+

Age 8-16

Age 8-16

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